The 1:1 Stress Umbrella Programme

takes an overview of how your symptoms started
how your symptoms overlap to interprets the full information
taking you through a thorough healing programme
because illness and behaviours are incredible energy-suckers
this begins by taking a full history, body scan and bioenergetic drops for change

this fully addresses what’s going on in your
Health | Weight | Eating | Food Choices
and how they’ve had a derogatory impact on your
Career | Confidence | Relationships
and naturally connects you to your body’s ability to heal

This intensive 7 x 90-min programme is tailored

to energetically, naturally and calmly allow your body and mind to
address what they’ve been crying out for

This Interprets How Stress Symptoms

keep coming back in a seemingly unpredictable manner
which can make life hard to plan around
that you’ll fully love getting free of
breaking the symptom cycle means you’ll get to understand how they were created
and easily create new choices for living a longer . healthier . unique life

you get to break out of what’s going on now
Live Healthier For Longer
and able to say YES to what floats your boat

This 3-month coaching programme is tailored

that unravels the threads that break you out of a condition
to get on with living the quality of life you truly deserve


do you feel you can’t understand why you don’t lose weight?
have you tried exercise but it doesn’t work either?
are you fed up of being misjudged by other people, if they only knew?
have you tried eating healthily but nothing works?
do you have wonky eating habits?
has Yoyo Dieting seen you gain lose and gain weight again?


“I worked on a range of hormone and weight related symptoms. It’s resulted in me feeling
more self-confident and lead to making the personal and career changes I’d been putting off.
This has made such a big difference in how I deal with and behave around difficult people.
Jane struck the right balance, the process was gentle, yet she was direct when I needed it.
I’m now in control of my eating and my life, which has improved in every way for the better.”
– Zena – Kent


do digestive issues make it hard to leave your comfort zone?
are ears, nose, throat and chest infections are recurring story?
have headaches or migraines held up your social life?
do recurring symptoms arrive as regular as clockwork?
is your skin erupting from time to time without warning?


do you have a depression whose dark moods blight your everyday life?
do you feel nervous before every occasion which hampers your spontaneity?
do you have Perimenopausal symptoms along with unwanted feelings?
do poor sleep patterns affect your day-to-day wide-awake abilities?
is social anxiety making it difficult to handle other people?
do wonky moods and bad behaviour bring out the worst in you?


“I saw Jane for depression and a lack of confidence. I felt uncomfortable around people
and it held me back from getting a promotion at work, where I was turned down 3-times.
Even after the first session with Jane I started to feel a difference, and the outcome has been life-changing.
Within 6-mths I got the promotion and a substantial pay rise, and most importantly
I’m enjoying being me for what is probably the first time. It’s given me a far greater connection
to my potential going forward, and I’d definitely recommend it to people.”
– Kate – London

Why Would You Listen To Me?

Jane Unsworth Health Coach & Mentor

You’re probably wondering why you’d work with me. Well in my teens I craved an emotional support after losing a parent at 13, there was no grief counselling at that time instead of which I developed a host of interesting behaviours to fill the void. Then before you know it there are certain things you wish had played out differently.

As an anxious people-pleaser and not fitting-in, I began training in a plethora of tools I’ll share in this programme. I’m on a mission to show women and children that just because you don’t understand what’s going on does not equate with being broken.

Life’s too short to waste on falling under the radar, and finding the tools that help you find your cajones to go after what you want, even if you don’t know what that looks like is where the magic happens. Taking action is the only way of finding the golden nuggets you’ve overlooked or been searching for in yourself. The Transforming Habits Programme moves you on with all of that.


Who Are You Without The Symptoms?

The Stress Umbrella Programme is designed to thoroughly address one of the following:

anxiety | body image | depression | digestion | ears-nose-throat infection
eating | food | hormones | moodswings | pain | skin | sleep | weight

Woman listening to her music sitting on the town steps looking relaxed

This Leads You To

Can you imagine waking up without the issue that’s been plaguing you for
weeks . months . years . even decades and not having to deal with the aftermath
of how it’s made you feel about yourself | your body | your sense of self
at work | at home | and the way it’s painted you into a corner?

What’s involved – where can I sign up
I want me some of this

The 3-Month Stress Umbrella Helps To Address

a chronic stress-based health issue that’s
holding up your life, your progress and impacting you more than you’d like to admit
It’s designed to help restore energy and vitality so you can blossom by changing ONE major issue that’s
impacting your everyday health, i.e. a recurring hurdle that you’ve not be able to free yourself of
Throughout the programme you’ll get to address the patterns of behaviour, tracks and triggers
that sit underneath your health issue and learn successful strategies for relaxation


“I was in the 7/7 underground bombing and needless to say it was a terrifying experience, and as much
as I took the welcome help that was offered at the time I continued to suffer with a range of PTSD
related symptoms which greatly impacted my sleep patterns and the quality of my daily life.
Working through this programme gave me my life back.”
– Sophie – Cornwall

Are You Ready To Ditch Some Stuff Now?

The Stress Umbrella provides everything that’s included with the Crushing Cravings where this
incorporates habits that allow you to make a big change in your cravings where this helps by:

unravelling entangled symptoms, moods and behaviours in what’s holding you up
discovering what brought about your symptoms as you clear them
learning the tools that lead you into becoming your own life expert
keeping you accountable and focused on a healthy outcome
providing unlimited in-between session support
using approaches that move you out of stuck-ness quicker than what you’ve likely used before

The Stress Umbrella Programme Details

3-Monthly Bioenergetic Body Scans (through the hand)
3-Months x 4-Bottles of Bioenergetic Drops
A Full Stress History
A Breakout Plan
3-Months of fortnightly consultations to clear underpinning stress
Alternate fortnightly laser sessions – to stay accountable – on alternate weeks
Unlimited email access
nes health services on an image

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t afford it

is it really about money or something else?
what will life be like once you’ve dealt with this bug-bear?
how would it feel to stay stuck right where you are for a few more years?
imagine being energised, confident, healthy, tuning into all the best of who you are?
how bad does your thing need to get before you decide to address it?

I don’t have time right now?

what needs to be in place in place to make it the right time?
we prioritise the things that we’re excited about
get curious and ask yourself what or who is really pulling the strings here?
once you’ve walked around free of the issue you’ll wonder why you waited as long as you did
when we put things off it’s another excuse to procrastinate and put off taking action

looking fit and healthy working out on the beach

what if I feel unsure when we’re working together?

making change is a bit like getting a decorator to alter a color scheme
sure there’s some upheaval when you’re getting started
because things change quickly they can get a tad wonky navigating ladders and paint-pots
but I’ve got your back every step of the way
and once the rooms finished you’ll wonder why you put things off for so long

what’s so great about this programme Jane

you’re going to learn some of the coolest 21st century tools for change
these approaches start addressing what needs changing more quickly than before
this saves you time and money and steers you into becoming your own life expert
it’ll put you firmly in the driving seat
this is highly responsive to revealing your specific solutions as you redesign how you show up in your life

does this get genuine results?

science has taken some gigantic leaps over recent decades
in the fields of personal development and healthcare
now there’s much more available once you know about these developments
these energy-giving approaches have been helping people since the 1980’s
if you want more information – just ask me – and I’ll point you at the info

NB: It’s essential to work with someone who gets you
that you have a good rapport with which becomes apparent quite quickly
and we won’t start working together unless we agree it’s there


The Outcome

gets you free of a condition you’d not been able to shake off
finds the levels of motivation, energy and vitality you’d been craving to feel better
this delivers on making life and health changes you’ll notice in all areas of life, work, relationships

The Price £5k

Your 3-Month STRESS UMBRELLA Coaching Programme runs fortnightly
before making a payment contact me for a chat

Payment is due prior to starting work together WITH full refund if not happy after our first session

Contact Me For A Chat To See Off Your Thoroughly Bad Habit

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