This 1:1 Transforming Habits Programme

breaks the mindset muggles that keep you on the hamster-wheel
where a whirring habit spins round on repeat
the very habit you’ve been itching to ditch

this trades-in those energy-sucking situations in-exchange
for the more like-minded energy enhancers you’ve been craving

so you can fully transform the outcomes in
Career | Confidence | Relationship
you’ve been wanting all these years

This intensive 6-hour programme is tailored
to help you find what you need to
walk-your-fab-walk and talk-your-fab-talk

Let’s Be Real For A Mo

About What’s Been Stopping You
…you know the one… right?

Which Isn’t Even Close To Who You Truly Are


Have food cravings taken your kitchen cupboards hostage?
Are you stuffing your face in secret?
Is setting your kids a bad-example with food wracking you with guilt?
Do you start a diet with a here we go again mentality?
Has your doctor told you to cut down on the sugar / salt intake?


“For as long as I remember I experienced FOOD CRAVINGS which always led to binge-eating on a daily basis
followed by feelings of guilt and shame. But as soon as I started the programme, big changes happened
where I stopped constantly thinking about the next meal, and sweet things.
My cravings vanished, and I was delighted as the weight fell off
Jane was easy to talk to, I didn’t feel judged, and she was very intuitive.”
Kelly Sanguiseppe – Dance Teacher – Kent


Are you terrified of public speaking / giving presentations?
Is something holding you back from exploring your fab potential?
Do you earn from your talent but being underpaid?
Are you being swept along on the wrong career path?
Are you feeling stuck in a rut and desperate to change it?


Are you living with the wrong person?
Is someone pushing your buttons?
Are your kids testing your patience and running you ragged?
Would you like to reconnect with your libido’s va-va-voom?
Do you get coerced into doing what other people want you to?

Now Take A Moment To Imagine

what would be different once you’ve got this?
how would changing this one thing turn your universe around?
what difference would it make for your health and wellbeing?

are your kids running you wragged

Why Would You Listen To Me?

Jane Unsworth Health Coach & Mentor

You’re probably wondering why you’d work with me. Well in my teens I craved an emotional support after losing a parent at 13, there was no grief counselling at that time instead of which I developed a host of interesting behaviours to fill the void. Then before you know it there are certain things you wish had played out differently.

As an anxious people-pleaser and not fitting-in, I began training in a plethora of tools I’ll share in this programme. I’m on a mission to show women and children that just because you don’t understand what’s going on does not equate with being broken.

Life’s too short to waste on falling under the radar, and finding the tools that help you find your cajones to go after what you want, even if you don’t know what that looks like is where the magic happens. Taking action is the only way of finding the golden nuggets you’ve overlooked or been searching for in yourself. The Transforming Habits Programme moves you on with all of that.


“I worked on A RELATIONSHIP PROBLEM I’d bottled up for many years.
I fell into an instant rapport with Jane, she elegantly gets it and quickly put me at my ease.
Her intuition and approaches fitted me like-a-glove and I highly recommend it.”
– Tanya – W. Sussex

Who Are You Really?

once you change yours how would you look, feel and act?

Gaining control over your eating, your weight and your food choices?
Making healthier life choices by knowing what they look like for you?
Walking into a room full of strangers knowing you’ll attract the right people for you towards you?
Finding a lover who’s also your bestie to create a life with?
Making your career count for something by going after what’s right for you?


The 6-Hour Transforming Habits Programme

walks you through the steps that lead to meeting life head on

as you move on with what’s been holding you up so you can
create more of what you deserve with tenacious confidence in your innate talent
turn your wafting-in-the-breeze daydreams into real life reality

It Can . It Does . It Will

This programme transforms your shenanigans into:

Finding the motivation to get your body into shape
Showing up as the best version of you
Attracting more like-minded people into your life
Being aligned for the right type of opportunities that fit your next-steps
Feeling happy in your own skin in every-which-way

Are You More Than Ready For This?

Transforming Habits lights a fire under your fab potential by:

creating a bespoke list of what you want to be different
getting clarity on what’s eluded you before
learning a few handy tools that teach you to become your own life expert
keeps you focused throughout
stay accountable through in-between laser-session support
understanding how and where all the pieces fit


“I went to get help to overcome a long held FEAR OF BLOOD
which was particularly problematic for blood tests where the thought of having one prompted a panic attack.
Jane immediately put me at ease with her calm manner which helped me to relax.
I had a blood test a few weeks later and I was completely fine experiencing none of the previous symptoms or reactions. Thank you.”
– Jack – Kent

The Programme Details

pre-meeting preparation
The Stress Triggers accelerator
The Breakout Plan to success
A set of 4-bioenergetic Energised Living Drops for balance
4 x 90-minutes consultations
In-between laser support to focus for the next meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t afford it

is it really about money or something else?
what will life be like once you’ve dealt with this bug-bear?
how would it feel to stay stuck right where you are for a few more years?
imagine being energised, confident, healthy, tuning into all the best of who you are?
how bad does your thing need to get before you decide to address it?

I don’t have time right now?

what needs to be in place in place to make it the right time?
we prioritise the things that we’re excited about
get curious and ask yourself what or who is really pulling the strings here?
once you’ve walked around free of the issue you’ll wonder why you waited as long as you did
when we put things off it’s another excuse to procrastinate and put off taking action

what if I feel unsure when we’re working together?

making change is a bit like getting a decorator to alter a color scheme
sure there’s some upheaval when you’re getting started
because things change quickly they can get a tad wonky navigating ladders and paint-pots
but I’ve got your back every step of the way
and once the rooms finished you’ll wonder why you put things off for so long

what’s so great about this programme Jane

you’re going to learn some of the coolest 21st century tools for change
these approaches start addressing what needs changing more quickly than before
this saves you time and money and steers you into becoming your own life expert
it’ll put you firmly in the driving seat
this is highly responsive to revealing your specific solutions as you redesign how you show up in your life

does this get genuine results?

science has taken some gigantic leaps over recent decades
in the fields of personal development and healthcare
now there’s much more available once you know about these developments
these energy-giving approaches have been helping people since the 1980’s
if you want more information – just ask me – and I’ll point you at the info

NB: It’s essential to work with someone who gets you
that you have a good rapport with which becomes apparent quite quickly
and we won’t start working together unless we agree it’s there


The Outcome

Finds clarity on who the best version of you is
You’ll find the motivation, energy and vitality needed to steer for success
This delivers you into a better quality of life, health, work, and relationships

The Price £1.5k

Your 6-Hour TRANSFORMING HABITS Coaching Programme
runs weekly . fortnightly . over the course of a day

contact me for a chat to get started

Payment is due prior to starting work together WITH full refund if not happy after our first session

Contact Me For A Chat To See Off Your Thoroughly Bad Habit

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