Matrix Reimprinting Creator Karl Dawson

Karl Dawson founder of Matrix Reimprinting and the Matrix EFT Word Summit 2015
Have you heard of Matrix Reimprinting? It’s the add-on tool that takes EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to the next level.

By registering for this free event now you’ll get access to the first day’s recording, that took place yesterday, 5 October 2015, where Craig Weiner interviews Matrix Reimprinting founder Karl Dawson who I took my EFT Trainer training with under AAMET back in 2011. Karl now has his own training school.

What is Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting developed organically and I love the story behind it, which Karl tells in this extended introductory interview.

I think this is partly why Matrix Reimprinting has been so successful, Karl had already developed a thriving community of Practitioners, which helped create a buzz. But if it hadn’t then stood up as a technique in it’s own right it wouldn’t have gained the momentum that it has.

Karl created a self-published book for the process with co-author Sasha Allenby, and a few years later Hayhouse Publishing reprinted it, which lead to them becoming Hayhouse Speakers.

I took my Matrix Reimprinting training with Karl back in May 2010. Over recent years further scientific findings, along with feedback from his vibrant community, have shaped into how it’s taught today.

It’s all about your beliefs

If you’ve had therapy, you may recognize similar elements to inner-child, and parts work, but this takes the outcome to a whole new level.

With Matrix Reimprinting & EFT, there’s actually NO need for the story at all, your client does NOT need to share details, and Karl talks about that and the reasons.

Ultimately this introduction to Karl’s work does highlight the difference between traditional and energy therapy’s, in how it’s the approach, the time taken, and the very real and noticeable difference these approaches make.

I believe that psychotherapy and counselling will benefit enormously once they start incorporating EFT (especially) & Matrix Reimprinting into their toolkit, as standard practice. And they’ll love how much more deeply they can assist their clients, in both getting free of issues, while teaching them a coping tool for when away from sessions. It teaches us to take responsibility.

Although some people do need a slower method, most people prefer that having taken the hardest step, i.e. making the decision to work on a problem area, that they could become free of the unwanted patterns sooner rather than later.

With energy therapies like EFT & Matrix Reimprinting we’re not after the story, the story is old, worn out, threadbare, and over time we’ve learned to identify ourselves by it. It’s hard to separate the two, which leads to accommodating it like an old but trusted friend.

But as Karl discusses here, it’s the belief we learned during the moment of trauma, that META-Health’s Two Phases Of Disease show us is fixed to a moment not the event itself. we’ve learned to believe about ourself needed, not the story itself.

When a trauma occurs, and for trauma we are talking about ANY event where you went into a fight or flight state-of-shock for example your teacher humiliated you as a young kid in front of the whole class. I’ll give you a personal example:

Kids have everyday experiences in the classroom

It’s the 1960’s, I’m 8-9 yrs old, and Mr Wallis calls me out in front of the entire class, I’m a shy kid, diligent, aim to do my best, keep a tidy desk, don’t care to be noticed.

But one day he sees me glancing over towards my neighbour’s work, assumes the worst and accuses me of copying. His conviction is confusing but his certainly leads me to wonder, despite knowing differently.

My emotions are in a whirlwind. I’m not confident, he’s the teacher he must be right, mixed in with the indignity of his disappointment.

I can’t find words, I can’t even speak, I’m just like the proverbial rabbit-in-the-headlights, stunned.

He reaches for a ruler, hits me across the hand. I’m mortified, my humiliation deepens.

But the real question is:
What did I learn to believe about myself that day?

The answer is:
That I get misunderstood

And until I learned this it was consistently showing up, because my belief was creating it, and it still rears it’s head from time to time. But I’m onto it… I work on it, and take responsibility for it. Did it start that day, not necessarily, we often have a theme at play.

So let me ask you… Do you have a theme?

Changing our beliefs

The impact a new belief has on us means we start accommodating something that wasn’t even real in the first place, and we’re even more vulnerable to storing these untruths around your safety in relation to the world at large.

Children, are highly susceptible from pre-birth to the age of six.

Masses of unhelpful beliefs are formed, from the get-go and once they’re engrained, it takes some deeper delving to unearth and extract them, like a bad tooth.

The thing about trauma as you can see, is that it’s often around humiliation and embarrassment. And if you were, or are, a hyper-sensitive person your senses are more finely honed.

These same beliefs, based on non-truths, hem us in, compress our innate creativity and ability to soar.

Changing our beliefs IS WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. Knowing that I control this, means I know what to go after. And best of all it’s cathartic, and the longer we put off the inevitable the more disconnected we become from our energy, vitality and zest for life.

This is how you can feel instead

When you let the unhelpful-stuff, build up, without attending to it, your system gets clunked-up, you acquire more chronic health conditions. You become more vulnerable as you age, because the, untrue beliefs, continue to run like a hamster-on-the-proverbial-wheel of subconscious programming that is now believed to be running around 95% of the show (within the complex interconnections found in the mind, the body and the brain).

We become more fearful, just as my lovely mum did in her dotage, it leaves your nearest and dearest unable to reach out to you, because of the walls that are built to keep out (perceived but unreal) danger.

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PTSD as a result of war
Being stressed out to the max leads to overwhelm and confusion
Did you know that EFT for PTSD is one of the best approaches to take for this condition. In January 2016 the US Military announced they are going to introduce AAMET International’s EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for their counsellors working with their service people regular and veterans. EFT has been involved in a number of studies, formal research or otherwise over the last 20-yrs and is gaining ground in terms of the results it delivers.

My connection with PTSD

My close interest in PTSD came from my Uncle, John who when I was a kid, would be mentioned in hushed tones, because… As a child (in the 1950’s) I was given one phase; your Uncle John came back from WWII shell-shocked or other references we shudder at today. And with that the subject would change, just like himself dismissed and clearly very misunderstood.

As his siblings married and started family’s of their own, he stayed in his parents family home, and when he died, at a ripe old age, the family sold the house.

From shell-shock to PTSD, as an energy practitioner I now know differently, and at some point the condition changed from being one that dare not speak it’s name into being a set of symptoms that is taken seriously and can be addressed, progress at least!

The symptoms can be so far-reaching and it’s probably the bench-mark condition in terms of mainstream mental health, that if PTSD can be fully addressed, then other more influential bodies; governments and medics will be more open to learning how this can change. Symptoms of PTSD may include any of the following:

  • flashbacks
  • nightmares
  • anxiety
  • phobias
  • depression
  • addictive behaviours
  • fear
  • night-sweats
  • mistrust
  • re-experiencing the memory
  • feeling on-edge
  • emotional numbing and avoidance
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • gut problems
  • chest pains
  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • social withdrawal

What’s the approach now?

I watched a BBC documentary during the summer that created shock-waves in me. They cited case after case of men in their mid-twenties where each had suffered the trauma of seeing a close friend blown up on the field-of-combat, who came back to the UK suffering with the fallout of that experience.

They mostly started with symptoms while out there, although symptoms are said to take up to 7-yrs to appear (in META-Health terms we understand that trauma related symptoms have no specific timescale, so the assertion probably indicates it’s the longest recorded period of at least one person’s experience [before they noticed symptoms] and it may not have been a military trauma that brought about the assertion).

But suffice to say the symptoms can take as long as it takes anyone to notice them who has undergone severe trauma and built a wall of protection, even numbness away from feeling anything. And in connection with that they could be demonstrating a range of other behaviours, compulsions and symptoms that haven’t even been connected as being part of the same deeper issue. The subconscious mind is what Crocodile Dundee might well refer to as a slippery little sucker and that’s it’s job.

The programme, the soldiers featured did have symptoms following their trauma yet their case notes failed to follow them from the military back into civilian life so there was no continuum. And all these cases ended in suicide, one such man was L/Sgt Dan Collins, who left a video-note by his body for his family to learn about his feelings of hopelessness with no wish to burden them.

The documentary highlighted three mothers of sons (including Dan’s) who having joined forces went to Downing Street to present what the three specific areas they identified for change:

  • That units address the focus on men being men with nowhere to turn to have their emotional needs met when they’ve witnessed a traumatic event
  • That medical records follow them from the battle field into the NHS on their return home
  • That the MoD follows up on all soldiers once out of the military after their service is completed

Military service

coming home from war with ptsd
What does the ex-serviceman bring back from war apart from a national pride?
With recent suggestions of returning to a mandatory military service requirement, in the UK, the government / MoD better get it’s act together. The documentary asserted that more men die from suicide, on return from active service, than die on the actual battlefield.

It also showed that in the US for instance, the government has a duty of care on the return of their military, whereas the UK just leaves ex-soldiers to fend for themselves, which was also reflected in the percentages of ex-military diagnosed with the condition.

Figures of soldiers diagnosed with PTSD are higher in the US because they keep tabs over a longer reintegration period, indicates how much more responsible their approach is in comparison.

Some ex-military become homeless because they’ve suffered trauma on a scale that fortunately few of us encounter, and can find it very challenging to fit back into their previous life. What’s more partners, wives, children and families aren’t sure how to accommodate them on their return, which further exacerbates symptoms.

It’s shabby to say the least, in how we treat ex-vet’s at present, but there are better approaches that need further support and implementation. Hats off to these staunch mothers, because their passion will shame the-powers-that-be to sit up and take notice, and I believe it was their sense of urgency that got the documentary made.

NB: This post did go on for another 1000 words with information about what is happening in the world of EFT in relation to PTSD and the current research, but having done something really silly that lost it, I’ll leave the rewriting of that one for another day!

However, that said I will add a recent post I saw on FB, which I’d saved for the very end of the original post, is a speech given by an ex-soldier in the US military.

This conveys his personal lessons in how he feels used, a puppet of every government agency that promotes war and segregation only to find innocent men, women and children as innocent as anyone of being the so-called-enemy. Perhaps if we looked instead at how these same agency’s prevail on society’s insecurities of festering fear, sadness, guilt, and anger we might get a little nearer the home truths.

What has it come to when it falls to the bereft mothers of ex-military servicemen and women, to guilt-trip the government that sent their similarly innocent children to war in the first place, before that government will sit up and take notice?

Do they then have to teach these agency’s the rules of common decency just as they taught their children before them, having themselves turned into the enemy that sent their children back from the front, in an emotional heap.

Whatever happened to The Hero’s Welcome, that instead they experienced a reintegration too stark a contrast to cope with alone, where their war experience was too hard to break free of. How are they meant to survive an experience we’d rather not spend time even thinking about? Somethings got to change! EFT works incredibly well for PTSD but at the moment people have to ask for it.

Instead of turning it on, and blaming others, we need to take an account of the example we are setting in our immediate families, broader society, at work that emanates out into the world. And if we notice there’s room for improvement (and who doesn’t have room for that) we may just have to be prepared to be the bigger person that decides to become part of the solution rather than adding to the self-perpetuating issue of blaming others through bigotry and hatred.

As you can tell I’m very passionate about this topic on a number of levels, if you’d like to explore how to change similar symptoms just get in contact below for a chat:

PS: I’d love to support you in getting rid of what’s not floating-your-boat, so that you can learn how to change what works against you and start tapping into your full potential.

Step up to the mark

Are you feeling ready to ditch the emotional roller-coaster, because this approach brings about a significant and noticeable difference?

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EFT Master Jacqui Crooks

AAMET eft conference in Manchester 2013
Jacqui Crooks Speaking At The AAMET EFT Conference 2013

Last week I spoke about going to the AAMET EFT Conference 2013, so I went and it turned out to be one of the best health conferences I’ve attended. It was great to see some old faces, meet new ones and hear so many great talks. I’ll post on each speaker over the coming weeks, the first speaker on Day One was Jacqui Crooke, one of (the rather lovely) Gary Craig’s EFT Masters (Gary being the founder of EFT).

She gave a talk about the work she does that takes her all over the globe as an AAMET EFT master, international speaker and trainer where she specialises in clearing old patterns of thought and behaviour, that block people from being successful in every area of their life.

It seems that we have similar backgrounds in that she also worked using Ericksonian hypnotherapy and NLP, before discovering EFT, which she came across in 1999. and she also says; ‘nothing’s been the same since’ … I so resonate with that one.

Jacqui runs retreats in interesting places and trains EFT in the UK and America, she presents at conferences worldwide and is one of the authors in the collaborative book EFT And Beyond.

Jacqui loves helping people to remember they are more than they think they are, she runs workshops and retreats worldwide and has a great time sharing her skills at conferences.

This is Jacqui’s heart-felt perspective:

We are born with the knowledge of who we really are, a part of the divine, then we forget. We make decisions when we’re young, about who we are and how the world works and believe that’s the truth. We create beliefs that keep us small, vows that keep us stuck, yet that blueprint is still there. We can use it to remember how to do life differently. Come home to yourself, and experience life from a place of joy.

Jaqcui Crook’s View

Jacqui Crooks has such a soft lilting voice, perfect for hypnosis, and very easy on the ears, something she said hit home with me.

She believes, we chose when to come in meaning when to come into this physical life, which seems to come from a particular spiritual school of thought which I’m open to knowing more about, and along these lines she went on to say that:

We chose the family with which to break family patterns, by what I’d call doing their own work meaning they’re committed to going as far as they possibly can in getting themselves healthy and free of past unhelpful patterns, relating to illness, disease and behaviours, which in itself does break old patterns picked up in the family. This includes unhelpful attitudes, illnesses, gut responses such as anger (when feeling their view is not accepted) and closed ways of behaving.

Ancestral Patterns

I’ll just take a moment here to talk about that in relation to the work I do with ACE (Accelerated Clearing Energetics), that I integrate wholly with EFT, because part of the ACE Process is to consciously recognise through a specific question, whether this pattern started with you or is it something you’re carrying ancestrally. And at the appropriate moment it asks this question:

Is this your energy, yes or no?

Then you connect with the origins, at which point you can break the pattern and change it into something you’d rather have instead.

And when Jacqui put her ideas forward I had a sudden insight inside my extended family, and that maybe the one (and we all have at least one don’t we) who carries a classified mental health disorder and that they’re the one who breaks the family pattern/s, provided they’re prepared to work on it, otherwise the pattern remains.

My Theory

I have a theory that is unsubstantiated with no evidence whatsoever (as far as I’m aware) that it’s the sensitive one in any family who contracts a mental health disorder in the first place.

And energy work already recognises that when we work-on-stuff, things change not only for the participant but in all the machinations of their relationships, after all aren’t those with mental health issues the ones least likely to fight back, assert themselves or speak out?

So once that person feels differently, the family members notice** and respond positively, everything can be different.

**Families have a tendency to be a tad oblivious when it comes to noticing change in each other, especially when their own sense of themselves has a vested interest in keeping-people-in-their-place.

Everything Changes

But this is where things can really change, especially where someone in the family is part of the problem, and generally once you work on how that person affects you.

Not only does that person no longer trigger old responses in you, but their energy towards you changes, the warning here is it can be for the better or not.

If it’s the latter then it’s more than likely that they will somehow leave your life-circle (once you change the dance you’ve been in together).

Although this may sound a bit odd, they have also served a positive purpose through your association, because it assisted you in making the effort to make the change, and develop some true insight.

And because people can never make us feel bad-about-ourselves, so that when we get those feelings, it’s just something that person is signposting to us.

Meaning it’s never about them, it’s only ever your own stuff that needs addressing, as hard as that can be to hear! And if it changes for the better then that is a result worth celebrating!!! Either way things change!

So listening to Jacqui’s talk at the AAMET EFT conference this year, reminded me of that and well that voice, I could listen to her for hours!

Let’s Have A Chat

If any of this resonates with you, get in contact for a chat below. It’s amazing the difference it makes in learning how a lot of the loola we carry around wasn’t even created by us, and getting free of it, is a wonderful relief.

EFT Conference 2013

Next weekend I’ll be travelling from Kent to attend the AAMET EFT International Annual Conference 2013 in Cheshire, Manchester (my home town) to listen to a range of experts, talking about a number of current topics in the world of making health changes with some of the most efficient techniques found anywhere today. There will also be EFT Research as reported on by one of the main contributors, Dr Elizabeth Boath, based at S

There Are Four Key Speakers

  • Dr Phil Motton – a British psychoanalyst
  • Dr Bradley Nelson – author of The Emotion Code
  • Dr Rupert Sheldrake – biologist and author
  • Dr Thornton Streeter – director of the Centre For Biofield Sciences

This is going to be an exciting event as all these traditionally trained doctors will contribute a different perspective on the topic of health and wellbeing; where quantum physics, the scientific and energy worlds each have new findings to share with the broader world of addressing disease symptoms.

Additional Speakers

I’m really looking forward to more of the research results that Dr Liz Boath and Tony Stewart have been working on over the last year or so. Liz’s talk will share how to carry out a research study and hopefully share their results having recently published findings from a recent EFT study they did in the Midlands, as well as the results they had using Karl Dawson’s (EFT-add-on-technique) Matrix Reimprinting.

These recent studies have resulted in them being invited to several NHS Conferences before Christmas this year, to present their findings. Liz has also written several papers.

EFT & Related Research

I saw the EFT study shown here, mentioned on Liz’s Facebook page back in April 2013, sorry don’t have a link at the moment, but hopefully will obtain something at the conference:

Then the Matrix Reimprinting findings were released at the end of August 2013:

This is very exciting for the world of EFT as we all know how great these techniques are, and we just want the rest of the world to open itself up to letting it in, especially the mental health sector within our regular health service.

AAMET EFT Conference Workshops

There are a number of workshops taking place on the Friday and Monday, among which is one being run by Sam Cox-Thorpe on META-Health on the Monday, where she’s running an introduction as to how disease works in conjunction with the body / mind / brain. Highly recommended!

There are also breakout days being offered by Thornton Streeter on Imaging The Human Energy Fields on a number of levels, Christine Sutton & Philip Davies are running their highly acclaimed Picture Tapping Technique and Russell Cunningham is coming over from Australia to teach his Alpha Repatterning.

AAMET is now offering a one-day ticket, and it would be great to see you there … will add a link for this if it arrives in time!

The Conference Raffle

This is the second conference and there will be a raffle of prizes donated by attendees, of which I’m one, I’ve donated a free ACE session for the second time, last year it was still called The META-Healing Process, but you can find out more about the elegance of the technique here in Richard’s book here. It’s a great resource when you want to delve deeper and learn more about how to read what disease symptoms actually mean (and how they were caused) along with a great technique to get free of chronic symptoms.

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