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There Are 3-Tailored Programmes To Choose From

Jane draws from a broad range of mind and body understandings that blend into a unique programme that's designed around your starting point, which starts with A Free Discovery Session where you'll begin the process.

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Getting Better

Whatever's going on, you can deal with it more efficiently than you know.

This stops the uncomfortable feelings, and lets go of what's not working.

It leads to retrieving your energy and vitality, while reconnecting you to what really matters.

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Getting Healthy

This is for you when there are other aspects at play, that benefit from a more integrative approach.

It helps break old habits, patterns and regimes.

This leads into the lifestyle changes needed for astonishingly good health.

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Getting It All

This bespoke and highly transformational service coordinates everything you want.

There are limited places due to the level of access to Jane.

It includes a range of hand-picked external agency's that assist in delivering your long term health goals.

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Stressed Out & Edgy

Are you suffering with any of the following, and starting to feel drained of your va-va-voom?

Do you lack the confidence to put yourself forward? Do you have poor sleep patterns that leave you feeling tired and worn out?
Do you feel stressed out and running on empty?

New scientific findings tell us that approx 95% of diseases are caused by stress. And you know it's worth looking at your lifestyle; diet, moving, environment, relationships and mindset.

Eating Habits

If weight is something you're struggling with, then changing how you behave around food will be highly beneficial.

Learning how to apply the theory of all-things-in-moderation will allow you to regain control of your eating urges by:

Dealing with food cravings as they arise
Stop eating for all the wrong reasons Which changes your weight naturally over time

This reconnects you back into eating what you really enjoy.

Are You Feeling Hormonal?

Have you ever found yourself screaming like a banshee with no idea's as to why, where, who or how it started?

Are you considering IVF because of fertility issues?Have you lost interest in sex?
Are your hormones getting the better of you?

By taking an integrated approach such as; finding your starting point, then making the necessary tweaks to stress, and dietary requirements, will in turn encourage your entire system to normalise itself, so you can get back to living life on your terms.

What Others Say

Disturbed Sleep

Sleep is an important area, and the time we sleep, because there is a 24-hr circadian clock that the body, adhere's to, the sooner we can get to sleep before midnight the better. Because that's when the organs and cells get the greatest support.

Even early morning starts for work and school are said to be impacting our health

If you’re waking up feeling tired then you need to look at what you can do to improve things on that front. And of course this is generally part of long-term stress, and living on empty.

The Blame Game

Have you seen the 1960’s film Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolfe featuring a couple trapped in a cycle of constant bickering and vicious argument?

Yet who doesn’t love the company of a couple who:

Allow each other the freedom to just be themselves?

How many relationships are actually like that though? And if you'd like yours to improve, what is really keeping it stuck right now? What needs to change, what can you change?

Lacking Confidence

Finding your mojo happens once you step into your ring of confidence. And for some people it takes decades. The reasons are manifold, and finding yours is an essential. And we become so practiced at hiding the fact.

It leads to being like a leaf blowing in the wind, beholden to other people’s ideas, and suggestions.

If it's happening to you and your world experience is shrinking, then making a decision to change it re-introduces you to your potential, remembering what you love, and doing more of that.

Memory Lapses

There can be many reasons for these types of symptoms, which can be associated with The Menopause, or a range of other issues.

Whatever the cause it's as well to get it checked out and then some

It could be something as simple as making dietary adjustments.

And if there's more going on you need to know so you can take the necessary action.

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